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At Dorm Haul we love what we do and our mission is for you to love your dorm. You may have noticed the little heart in our logo, for us that heart represents truly caring about you, our customer. The start of your college experience matters to us. At Dorm Haul we don't just provide 'college stuff', rather we understand that our dorm room essentials shape your entire college experience. Everything you put into home away from home matters. How you feel about the design, look and overall feel is important. From the texture of your bedding and the product quality to how your room is organized and the affordable pricing all matters. It matters because your journey from high school to college is a big deal. It's the start of a new chapter and it represents your change as you become a young adult.

As you graduate high school and prepare for college it's fun to dream of what college will be like. The new friends you'll make. The courses you'll take. The clubs and organizations you'll get involved in. And of course what your dorm will look like. Creating the perfect style, comfort and place that you can feel good in all starts with your dorm supplies selection. Dorm Haul understands what you need to create the dorm you've been imagining for the past year (or longer). Our Nashville, Tennessee team has curated and created custom brands for college dorm life with the purpose of helping you create a dorm room that is comfortable, organized and aesthetically pleasing. At Dorm Haul we truly care and we are excited to be with you on your journey!


Over the years our Dorm Haul team has watched and been a part of all the trends. Whether it be the popularity of Headboards, Privacy Dividers and Bed Skirts or the decline in Bean Bag Chairs, Used Sofas and Jersey Knit Sheets, Dorm Haul has lived it. Dorm Haul has been and continues to be on the pulse of what makes a college dorm room a home. Most of the products you see on Dorm Haul are products we designed with you in mind. We design our brands in Nashville TN and get them made around the world. Dorm Haul is ready to serve you as we are stocked for the back to college season and boast 140,000 sq ft of Tennessee warehouse space. Some of our top brands include Suprima® and Yak About It®, 2EastTM, Texture Brand®, VIN®, Iron Brick Trunks®, Rainha®, DIY and Tavira Allure® College Headboards, Tusk® storage organizers and Don't Look at Me® Privacy room dividers to name a few!

Your most important dorm shopping decision is what to choose for your dorm bedding. Your twin xl dorm bed is the one area that you can call your own. It's your private sanctuary for a good night's sleep, studying, relaxing and taking a much deserved college nap. Dorm Haul's foundation of production creation starts with our bedding. Byourbed® ("B" Your Bed) is our unique bedding company that's entire focus is on giving you, our customer 'MORE'. More Size. More Softness. More Filling. More Comfort. More Affordable. We strive not to reduce product specifications, but to make them the very best they can be! Next within Byourbed, we launched a comforter brand that has altered what it means to be comfortable. Our Coma Inducer® Plush Comforters provides a level of cozy that you won't understand until you touch it for the first time. A comforter that can best be described as taking your favorite childhood stuffed animal and turning it into your college version of cozy plush that you can't go to bed without! Dorm Haul might be biased, however we feel the perfect dorm room starts with bedding that creates Coma Worthy Sleep® and you'll have that experience with our aptly named Coma Inducer Comforter!

Good luck, stay focused and may God bless your college journey


The Backstory.... Because Everyone Loves a Good Backstory.

Jeff Gawronski, the founder of Dorm Haul recounts the details In 1998, I was just a Sophomore at Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio). There was no business intentionality or grand plan, there was just a problem that needed to be solved. You see I had bed-post-shelf.jpgthe top bunk of a bunk bed for the  first time. Faced with "where do I put my alarm clock, cell phone (yes they existed in 1999), eye glasses, tv remote and other things without the ability to have a nightstand", there was a problem. Top bunk users were forced to keep these items literally in the bed or out of arm's reach on a desk. Both being poor options and nothing available to purchase, I went to solve this need by creating The Bed Post Shelf.

The Bed Post Shelf was constructed out of wood and slid over the bed post creating a shelf within arm's reach.

Problem solved!

That would be the end of the story and Dorm Haul would never someday exist except soon my friends were asking for the homemade shelf and that sparked early-days.jpg the entrepreneurial beginnings. Why not make a bunch and sell them?! That summer, I went to work in my parent's basement in Buffalo, NY, and began to build Bed Post Shelves out of wood. The plan was to arrive back at college early and sell them on freshmen move-in day. I made flyers, slid them under freshmen dorm room doors and soon got phone calls from interested students/parents looking to make their dorm room the best it could be. In all honesty the wooden shelves looked horrible, but it solved a need and sales were actually occurring... that was until my college caught news of my grass roots business. Before I could sell out of the homemade shelves, campus police were chasing me out The Early Days... 2011 of the dorms for what they called "unapproved solicitation". I did my best to explain that I was a business student the university, but it didn't matter. The Bed Post Shelf was shut down with less than a dozen units sold.

It's amazing how dreams can be so easily extinguished. After that fateful day of getting kicked off campus my junior year, I never thought again about the Bed Post Shelf or the possibilities of business until 4 years later.

In 2004 the entrepreneurial story and the roots of what would become Dorm Haul began. It started with a love for making college dorm supplies and led to a passion for creating oversized, ultra cozy bedding. Developing bedding and dorm products that matter and have meaning was and still is company's our everyday mission and purpose. By no means is the story leading up to Dorm Haul filled with roses and rainbows. The crazy twists and turns of business and life have only been possible because of my personal Christ driven faith and belief that God Makes it Straight with a Crooked Line. If you'd the non-corporate, unedited real life business story that lead to Dorm Haul and what inspired our company's Crooked Line Project, feel free to email me at

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